Ali Zaini

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hoodhood keyboardyalsnyaascrapersnapsenseyt-dl-chatbotpollcomputinghubtfthelperRoomba_Problem_MakerfrequentspeedtestsFake_Banking_Appmore_projects

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I've worked on various projects. Most of them are on my GitHub. You can also go to my projects page which goes into more detail about each project (what they are, what I learned etc.)

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I've completed my Computer Science Bachelor's degree at King's College London with First Class Honours.

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Obviously I really like software engineering and mathematics. Sometimes I like playing League of Legends with friends (Talon mid main btw).

I like watching educational, cooking and political videos online too. I'm currently keeping up with some weekly manga and reading some other stuff too.

I may make a blog to go over some stuff that interest me. If it's not linked here yet, it means I haven't done it 😢

about me 😎

I'm a Software Engineer based in London, currently at a start-up! I previously worked at Palantir and have experience as an intern at FactSet and BlackRock. I've also worked as a freelance software developer for various projects including the Iraq Data Bank and a UN funded electoral information site.